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Rinkhals- A Venomous Snake That You Should Avoid

Here at African Reptiles and Venom, we are passionate about teaching the people of South Africa how to treat a venomous snake bite, as well as how to live in harmony amongst reptiles and snakes of types without getting in their way. By learning more information about a snake, you will be able to handle the situation of a venomous snake bite much more calmly and more efficiently. In our professional snake courses we teach you:

  • South African snake identification: knowing what snake caused a venomous snake bite will make it much easier to know what type of first aid treatment for bite symptoms to use. It will also make it easier for doctors to administer the correct anti-venom.
  • General treatment of a snake bite caused by a venomous snake: knowing how to treat the snake bite properly could actually save a life.
  • Information about a snake
  • How to recognise Bite symptoms
  • How to recognise the poisonous snakes in South Africa

A venomous snake that is well known for its poison is the Rinkhals. Wikipedia provides us with more information:

The venom of the rinkhals is neurotoxic and partially cytotoxic, and is less viscous than that of other African elapids. When confronting a human, it generally aims its venom at the face. If the venom enters the eyes, it causes great pain.

Local symptoms of swelling and bruising are reported in about 25% of cases. General symptoms of drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, violent abdominal pain, cramps and vertigo often occur, as does a mild pyrexial reaction.

If distressed, the rinkhals spreads its hood, showing its distinctive, striped neck. It is a spitting snake, and can spray its venom up to 2.5 m. Its spitting mechanism is primitive and it has to rear up and fling its body forward to spray its venom. It is also known to fake death by rolling onto its back with its mouth agape.

For more facts about how to handle a venomous snake encounter, please do not hesitate to contact us and book your place in our reptile and snake courses now!

Poisonous Snakes in South Africa

Are you aware of how imperative the correct information about the poisonous snakes in South Africa can be? This information could actually save a life! Interested in learning more about the treatment of a snake bite? We at African Reptiles and Venom are a company situated in sunny South Africa and we specialise in educating people about the first aid treatment for a venomous snake bite. We also offer you all the facts that you should know regarding the reptiles and poisonous snakes in South Africa.

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